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Cheese fries, meet nachos. A delicious combination of loaded queso and french fries served with our freshly made pico de gallo. 7.00
HQ Smoked Wings
Let us show you how good wings can be! Our wings are slow smoked and full of flavor, then lightly tossed in your favorite sauce. Choose from: Dry Rub, Wet, Sweet or our Bourbon Habanero BBQ Sauce, Buffalo, Teriyaki or Inferno. (If you
like 'em hotter....just ask!) 9.00
First we smoke the ribs then we fry 'em and toss 'em in HQ's teriyaki BBQ sauce.
Pile Diver
We pile, you dive. Your choice of seasoned and grilled or lightly breaded crispy shrimp served on a bed of greens. 9.00
The Rig
Onion rings and zucchini fries. Built for Wyoming. 7.00
Hand cut chicken strips breaded and fried and tossed in buffalo sauce. The celery and homemade ranch will cool 'em down. 7.00
HQ Skins
Potato skins filled with your choice of Q or Brisket, topped with melted cheese and drizzled with our wet sauce and fresh chives. 9.00
Make them "Papi" style with our loaded queso. Add 2.50.
Salads and Munchers
All salads come with your choice of our homemade dressings: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese or Pesto Vinaigrette and are served on a bed of mixed greens with cheese, tomatoes and crackers
Grilled Chicken Salad
All natural chicken breast seasoned, grilled and served with
cheddar and tomatoes. 8.50
Smoked Teriyaki Chicken Salad
Tossed in our teriyaki BBQ sauce and served with crunchy noodles. 8.50
Crispy Chicken Salad
Panko breaded crispy chicken with bacon bits, cheddar and tomatoes. 8.50
Fingerprint Plate
Turn your favorite appetizer into a meal. Comes with your choice of one side. 9.00
Smoked Turkey Salad
With fresh pico and avocado. 9.50
Grilled Chicken Plate
All natural chicken breast seasoned and grilled. Served with your
choice of one side. 9.00
Epic Mac Bowl
Grilled chicken and broccoli mac. 9.50
Extra cheeseburger mac. 9.50
Brisket Chili Mac 9.50
Brisket Chili Bowl
Homemade black bean and brisket chili topped with shredded cheddar cheese.
Try it with a dollop of sour cream. 6.50
Classic Sides 2.50
Baked Beans
Cole Slaw
Steamed Broccoli
French Fries
Potato Salad
Creamed Corn
HQ Sides 3.00
Brisket Chili
House Salad
Zucchini Fries
Onion Rings
Epic Mac-n-Cheese
Sweet Potato Fries
Daily Dougles
Qlub Sandwich with any side 11.50
Brisket plate and Q combo with 2 sides.
Ribs N Chick with two sides 16.00
Smoked Prime Rib
Served after 5 pm.
Friday & Saturday
Smoked Prime Rib
Served after 5 pm.
Q Plate add Brisket with two sides 16.00
Bloody Mary's 2 for 1 all day.


from the pit

Hickory smoked everyday right here at HQ.
Entrees served with your choice of two sides and homemade cornbread.
Add the following to any Entree or Sandwich for 4.00
Q ~ Ribs ~ Brisket ~ 1/4 Chicken ~ Sausage Link (3.00)
Our tender ribs come basted with your choice of our signature wet, sweet, bourbon habanero or the memphis style dry rub.
1/2 Order. 11.00
Full Order. 16.75
Bonedaddy. 23.00 (A full slab)
Rib Sampler
A full slab, 3 favorite flavors. Our signature wet sauce, Memphis style dry rub and
spicy bourbon habanero. 23.00
Rotisserie Chicken
1/4 Chicken. 9.50
1/2 Chicken. 13.00
Andouille Sausage
Two sausage links served with smoked peppers and onions. 14.00
Q Plate
Tender pulled pork piled high and sauced with your favorite flavor. 11.00
Brisket Plate
Smokey and tender, chopped and lightly sauced. An HQ favorite. 14.50
Top Two
Ribs and Brisket. Two favorites - one plate. 17.00
Tennessee Triple
The best of the south. Ribs, Chicken and Q all together on one plate. 22.00
Ribs or Briskett 5.00      Chicken, Q, or Sausage 3.00



All are served with your choice of 1 side.
Make any sandwich "HQ Style" by topping it off with
onion rings and slaw for only 1.00

Q Sandwich
HQ's signature pulled pork piled high and sauced with
your favorite flavor. 8.00
Brisket Sandwich
HQ's tender brisket chopped, sauced and piled high on a hoagie. 9.50
Pulled Chicken Sandwich
Smoked chicken pulled from the bone and lightly seasoned. 9.00
Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Served with Swiss, avocado and mayo. 9.75
Add bacon for 1.50
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
A crispy chicken breast tossed in HQ's spicy buffalo sauce. We top it with lettuce, tomato and our homemade ranch. 9.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Seasoned and grilled chicken breast topped with
spicy mayo, lettuce and tomato. 9.00
Shrimp Po' Boy
Your choice of seasoned and grilled or crispy shrimp served on a hoagie and topped with our spicy mayo, lettuce and tomato. 9.75
Ultimate Chili Dog
You've never had one like this. Our smoked Andouille sausage is
smothered in our homemade brisket chili, loaded into a hoagie
and topped with cheddar cheese. 9.75
Make it "Papi" style. Top your dog with our loaded queso. Add 2.50.
Hot Link Sandwich
Sliced and sauced Andouille sausage on a bun. 8.00
All are served with your choice of 1 side.
Make any burger "HQ Style" by topping it off with 2
onion rings and slaw for only 1.00.
Extra cheese, pickles and ketchup. 8.50
With bacon add 1.50
Pico and Avocado Burger
Topped with homemade pico de gallo and fresh sliced avocado. 9.50
Bacon, Egg n Cheese Burger
Late breakfast? Early lunch? Can't decide? This is your burger. 9.50
HQ Burger
Loaded with sauced brisket, onion rings and slaw.
Get your napkin ready. 9.75
Mushroom and Onion Burger
Grilled onions, mushrooms, melted Swiss and mayo. 9.50



Kids' Meals

For kid's 12 and under please.
All kid's items include your choice of 1 side and a soft drink.
Your choice....5.00
Sides: Fries, Beans, Slaw, Potato Salad or Steamed Broccoli
Q Sandwich
Epic Mac 'n Cheese
Corn Dog


New York Style Cheesecake
Topped with your choice of chocolate sauce, pureed strawberries or homemade caramel sauce. 3.50
Brownie Ala Mode
A rich chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and topped with our homemade caramel sauce and whipped cream. 3.50


Choose from Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper or 7-Up.
2.00 (Free Refills)
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea
Freshly Brewed Sweet Tea
IBC Bottled Root Beer
2.00 (No Refills)
Juice of the Day
Freshly squeezed in house every day.
(No Refills)

Feed the Fam

1lb feeds 2-3 people 1 pint feeds 2-3 people
Q(pulled pork) $13.50 per lb Baked Beans     $5.00
Brisket    $17.00 per lb Cole Slaw     $5.00
Andouille Sausage   $13.50 per lb Potato Salad   $5.00
   Links    $3.00 each  Epic Mac   $6.50
Pulled Chicken   $14.00 per lb Brisket Chili $6.50
  1/4 chicken   $4.00 each  Cornbread w/honey butter $.50 each
  1/2 chicken   $8.00 each   
(about 12 bones)   $20.00 per slab  




Mon - Thurs 11am - 9pm

Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm

Sun 12pm - 8pm



Catering Menu Here 

brisket sandwich hq bbq casper
Brisket Sandwich & Epic Mac
pulled pork sandwich hq bbq
Pulled Pork Sandwich

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